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Texas State Fair Changes It Up For Minors!

The State Fair of Texas has announced the lineup of attractions, exhibits and performances for its 2023 edition. Hundreds of activities are planned for the 24 days of the fair, which returns Sept. 29 to Fair Park in South Dallas.

A new “Dinosaurs at the Lagoon” exhibit looks at Texas’ paleontological heritage. The Fringe Stage hosts new acts like the watery antics of the Acrobuffos, contortionist and archer Sara Twister and the acrobatics of the Street Circus. And in a new attraction at the Oak Farms Theater, the Soap Bubble Circus performs “feats of bubble-ology.”

But also "this year The State Fair of Texas officials added a new rule for this year’s festivities as an added safety measure: All minors will have to be accompanied by an adult in the evenings.

This year’s minor policy will apply to all children age 17 and younger after 5 p.m. All accompanying parents, guardians and chaperones ages 21 and older must present a valid ID upon entering the fair starting at 5 p.m. daily. No more than six minors can accompany an adult at one time."


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